RAIL CROSS’s logo depicts a train motif at the top centre and train tracks all around, representing JR-EAST’s establishment as first and foremost a railway company. Right beside the train motif are two takara musubi (宝結び Treasure Knot)—a motif which resembles the decorative knot used to wrap sacred objects and valuable treasures since ancient times in Japan. The takara musubi motif also symbolises good fortune and wishes for eternal prosperity, longevity, and happiness.
About JR-East

Get a box of omiyage curated by Japan's largest railway company

East Japan Railway Company (JR-EAST) is Japan's largest railway and service operating company.

In Japan, we operate 1,682 stations and serve 17.8 million passengers per day. In order to meet to the needs and lifestyles of our many customers, JR-EAST has developed many businesses in addition to its railway business, such as commercial facilities, hotels, retail businesses, and e-commerce.

Particularly, JR-EAST has developed the commercial facility known as "Ekinaka" (エキナカ), cooperating with thousands of tenants to introduce exclusive seasonal and regional products that can only be bought at JR stations for those who ride with JR-EAST, which are typically sold only at their respective cities and travel destinations.

Through RAIL CROSS, our new cross-border e-commerce venture, we wish to bring to you products, information, and stories that can only be found in Japan.

About JR-EAST SIngapore

Established since 2015

Since its incorporation in Singapore in 2015, East Japan Railway Company Singapore Branch has led multiple projects that bridge the gap between businesses and relations between Japan and Singapore, including JAPAN RAIL CAFE, JR Times, and One&Co Singapore.

Founded on 4 Dec 2016, JAPAN RAIL CAFE is the world's first travel-themed cafe which aims to be a "Platform for Real Japan, Platform for Real Communication", and is the one-stop platform for all things related to Japanese food, souvenirs, and rail travel information.

Similar to JAPAN RAIL CAFE, JR Times is a digital media platform that acts as an online extension to the cafe's physical space where readers can learn more about rail travel and sightseeing in Japan through our monthly promotions and featured regions.

One&Co Singapore is a co-working space that connects Japan, Singapore and Southeast Asia that was founded in August 2019. It aims to build a community for Japanese and Singapore companies and provide a platform for companies from both countries to forge connections and facilitate the exchange of technology and ideas.

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