Introduction to Hokkaido

To kickstart this pilot programme of RAIL CROSS, our first box "Lovers in Hokkaido" features products from Hokkaido—Japan's northernmost region.

Hokkaido has always been a popular travel destination that ranks consistently high not only amongst travellers from Singapore, but also for local Japanese visitors.

Hokkaido is famous for being a snowy destination, but what is even more popular than the snow is the local Hokkaido cuisine. Many tourists visit Hokkaido not only in winter but also in all seasons to taste various specialties made from the delicious locally-sourced ingredients such as seafood, agricultural products, and dairy products against the backdrop of the region's magnificent nature.

2022 February: Lovers in Hokkaido

What's in my Box?

In your first box, you will receive an assortment of different Hokkaido souvenirs, including the very popular Shiroi Koibito (白い恋人 White Lovers) which you've probably seen at Japan's airports. As the name of our theme "Lovers in Hokkaido" suggests, this box is curated with hopes that it will be shared amongst loved ones, be it between sweet lovers or friends with a soft spot for sweets.

Outside of Hokkaido, it is relatively harder to get your hands on Shiroi Koibito as there is no permanent store selling these famous sweets outside of the prefecture. Thus when it is sold at events outside of Hokkaido, many would flock over to buy them.

Apart from Shiroi Koibito, you'll also be receiving other local favourites such as Toukibi Chocolate, La Terre Rusk, and Hokkaido Yubari Melon Jelly. For many of these products, it is the first time that they are being introduced into Singapore so we hope you can enjoy these unique Japanese treats.

Featured omiyage

Shiroi Koibito (Milk Chocolate 12pcs)

Shiroi Koibito is a popular product that has been on the market since 1976.
It has become popular not only among Japanese people but also foreign visitors to Japan, and has now sold more than 200 million pieces, bagging first place in the "Representative Souvenir Confectionery of the 20th Century" category in Japan.

La Terre Honey Butter Castella Rusk

La Terre's crunchy rusks feature the harmony between the slightly fragrant buttery flavour of the rusk itself and the mild sweetness of the organic sugar, accentuated by a touch of Okinawan salt.

Shiokara Hoshichatta (Dried Shiokara)

Shiokara Hoshichatta (Dried Shiokara) is anfreeze-dried version of the popular otsumami—a salty-spicy appetiser made from squid—that is often eaten with sake or rice in Japan.

This unique product allows you to enjoy the delicacy shiokara as if it were a snack!

Hokkaido Yubari Melon Bite-size Jelly

The Sherberious Yubari Melon Jelly, which locks in the deliciousness of the famous Yubari melon itself, has been made into an easy-to-eat mini size. You can enjoy it chilled as a jelly, or frozen as a sorbet.

Toukibi Corn Milk Chocolate

Enjoy the fragrant flavours of milk chocolate, almond, and corn with Toukibi Chocolate—characterized by its original crispy and light texture of corn puff—which have been loved in Hokkaido for over 30 years!

Hokkaido Strawberry Caramel Candy

Made with 100% raw condensed milk produced in Hokkaido, this delicious Hokkaido Milk Caramel Candy is characterized by its flavourful sweetness and smoothness.

Takumi no Aji Yakiebimame (Baked Shrimp Beans)

Yakiebimame (Baked Shrimp Beans) is made with shrimp flour-batter mix which is roasted over an open flame. Peanuts are placed inside, giving it a crunchy texture and a fragrant shrimp aroma, sweetened with Japanese-style soy sauce.

meet our curator


This month's unique line-up of Hokkaido omiyage was handpicked by Miyoshi-san and Jujo-san from JR EAST CROSS STATION CO.Ltd.

As you might already know, Shiroi Koibito is a famous representative of Hokkaido souvenirs that is usually hard to come by outside of Hokkaido. But thanks to Miyoshi-san and Jujo-san's team, they managed to get their hands on this elusive snack specially for our "Lovers in Hokkaido" box.

As for the rest of the omiyage, they have been carefully selected and prepared by our curators who can confidently recommend all of said items. If you have a favourite item after trying this month's Omiyage Box, do keep a lookout for it the next time you visit Hokkaido. Travelling to Hokkaido will surely be more enjoyable as finding the souvenirs you want is one of the ways to experience how Japanese people travel.