【Iwate,Japan】Amazing Morioka Tour~ 1night 2days~

This tour accompanied by a staff of Hotel Metropolitan Morioka takes customers efficiently around Morioka’s major sightseeing spot and offer a special experience.
Please fully enjoy the culture, beautiful scenery in Morioka.

~Special Events~
★Morioka Shinkansen Rolling Stock Center is a facility of the maintenance for Shinkansen that you cannot normally enter.
A staff of East Japan Railway company show you and preparing a special program for you.
We will provide you a memorable experience.

Guidelines for credit card payment

Please confirm the following cancellation charge and credit card payment regulations before reserving.

Cancellation Charge
• If you cancel after 00:00 the 20days before your arrival date: 20% of the room rate
• If you cancel after 00:00 the 7 days before your arrival date: 30% of the room rate
• If you cancel after 00:00 the days before your arrival date: 40% of the room rate
• If you cancel after 00:00 on your arrival date: 50% of the room rate


※ come to the hotel by yourself

▼ January 28

 Morioka Free time
 - 14:00~ Check in "Hotel Metropolitan Morioka NEWWING"

▼ January 29

     - 6:45 Breakfast Buffet (2F Dining&Bar「GIOVANNI」)
     - 9:00 Check out
     - 9:20~9:50 Morioka Hachimangu Shrine
     - 10:00~10:50 Asabiraki Sake brewery
     - 11:00 Bank of Iwate Red Brick Building (from the bus window)
     - 11:30~12:30 Lunch (Wankosoba at Azumaya Soba Restourant)
     - 12:58~14:40 Morioka Shinkansen Rolling Stock Center
     - 15:00 Morioka Station

Accommodation related information

Check in14 : 00 ~
Check out09 : 00 ~
Number of guests1 person(s) per room
Validity1/26/2023 to 1/29/2023

    ◆ Morioka Hachimangu Shrine
    Morioka Hachimangu shrine was founded in 1680, which is a very spiritual and beautiful place.It is famous for gourd, and people put the breath into the gourd to get rid of bad luck.

    ◆ Asabiraki
    Asabiraki is a sake brewery and their masters honor of winning gold medals 12 times in row at the National Sake Competition held in spring every year, which has not happened in the past.

    ◆ Wanko soba
    Wanko soba is a style of Japanese soba noodles from Iwate prefecture.A small portion of soba noodles will be served into your bowl by the attending server who will accompany your eating with chants such as “Hai jan jan, Hai don don,” as a means of encouragement to eat more.Some condiments and garnishes are served to accompany the noodles so as to enjoy some variation within the meal.