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Omiyage of the Month

Crispy Ebisen (Seaweed Flavour)
「ぱりぱりえびせん 青のり味」

This month's snack highlight hails from the coastal city of Nanto in Toyama Prefecture, an area known for its outstanding seafood delicacies.

Made with 100% Toyama rice, these rice cracker snacks were made by kneading "shiroebi" (baby white shrimp)—the jewel of Toyama Bay—into the dough. The dough is stretched as thinly as possible, giving it a crisp texture. It is a popular product that is loved by people of all ages.

This bag comes in individual packaging, which makes it perfect for sharing to celebrate the start of a new year!

FUN FACT: Did you know that shrimp symbolises long life in Japan? It is an absolute essential for Osechi, the New Year's meal!


Azuma Arare

Located just a short walk from Ryogoku Station in Tokyo, Azuma Arare was founded in 1910 by Masuemi Kobayashi (小林正典). This quaint shop is most famous for its tasty traditional confectionery known as arare (あられ small pieces of grilled rice crackers).

Since its establishment, Azuma Arare has always focused on learning from the past, leaving the essential things as they are while renewing things to adapt to the changing times.

As a result, the arare comes in various flavours ranging from traditional flavours that many are familiar with, to western-fusion flavours such as Gouda Cheese and Pepperoncini.


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