Introduction to GRANSTA TOKYO & ecute

[About GRANSTA Tokyo]

Introduced in August 2020 under the concept of "TRY NEW TOKYO ST.", GRANSTA TOKYO is a commercial facility under JR-EAST which aims to create an unprecedented space in the ekinaka (Tokyo Station) area by introducing new stores and expanding station functions for the first time. By creating new encounters and discoveries that go beyond satisfying the needs of Tokyo Station users, GRANSTA TOKYO provides a new experience that goes beyond the conventional concept of ekinaka. Exclusive brands such as KINOKUNIYA Supermarket and nomono can be found within GRANSTA TOKYO.

[About ecute]

ecute (エキュート) is a commercial facility located in the terminal stations of the Tokyo Metropolitan area. The word "ecute" brings about the meaning of being in the station or 駅 (eki)—at the very core of it (center)—where people from all walks of life (universal) gather (together) and enjoy (enjoy) at this comfortable space. There are 8 stores in operation in Omiya, Omiya North, Nippori, Ueno, Tokyo, Keiyo Street, Shinagawa, and Tachikawa.We hope that in your next visit to Tokyo, you will get to stop by each station to enjoy the facilities and check out the seasonal products that only Gransta Tokyo and Ecute can provide.

2022 March: White Day at Tokyo Station

What's in my Box?

Just as the theme suggests, March's box is filled with goodies—exclusive to Tokyo Station's commercial facilities GRANSTA and ecute—like chocolates, jellies, and other sweets that are related to Valentine's Day and White Day, with the idea of sweets that can be easily given and shared with your loved ones.

This box contains 3 types of chocolate sweets (rusks with lots of chocolate and chocolate chips mixed in, rusks soaked in Japanese green tea chocolate, and peanuts wrapped in Japanese hojicha tea and bitter chocolate), sparkling and colourful jellies, fruits with interesting texture, and light and cute colours such as mochi and milk cakes. If you (or your partner) don't have a sweet tooth, worry not—check out our featured item "Rā-yu senbei" (Chili Oil Rice Cracker) which you probably can't stop eating once you get your hands on it.

Featured omiyage

KINOKUNIYA Chili Oil Shrimp Crackers

Making its return is one of Kinokuniya's most popular products in Japan! The spiciness of the chilli oil and the sweetness of the prawns make for the perfect combination, complementing the garlic and sesame oil, which gives it an addictive taste.It was a big hit at Kinokuniya in 2021, including at its first pop-up in Singapore, with more than 250,000 packets sold.

Marui Suzuki Drawstring Japanese Fruit Mix Jelly

This bite-sized pectin jelly is made from Japanese fruit juice and comes in 5 different flavours: apple, blueberry, lemon, mikan, and strawberry. Ingredients used are carefully selected, with 100% of fruits used in the jelly being from Japan and the use of local sugar.

La Terre Baked Chocolate Cake Rusk

Inspired by the popular cake "Gateau Chocolat" which has been produced since the opening of their shop, Yaki Chocolate Cake Rusk is La Terre's very own unique rusk. The batter is made with 2.5 times as much chocolate as flour, with the addition of chocolate chips for a luxurious chocolate taste.

Oyatsu TIMES Milk Cake (Cherry) from Yamagata

Mildly scented with the flavour of cherries (sakuranbo), this is a treat that is loved by all generations in Yamagata Prefecture. Milk was first produced in the early Showa Period (1926-1989) when nutritious dried milk powder was commonly used in sweets like this melts-in-your-mouth cake.

Oyatsu TIMES Chocolate Rusk (Matcha) from Aizu

Light, crispy, matcha milk flavoured chocolate rusks, made with misopan—a traditional Aizu bread made with miso paste, which is known for its simple and gentle flavour which accentuates the richness of the matcha and sweetness of the chocolate.

Oyatsu TIMES Apple Flavoured Mochi from Nagano

Soft and chewy with a hint of sweetness and sourness. Apple juice from Nagano Prefecture and dried fruits are kneaded into the soft and chewy rice cake. The Iida Area in Nagano has long been known for its confectionery production.

Oyatsu TIMES Roasted Green Tea Coated Peanuts from Chiba

Indulge in the fragrant and pleasant hojicha-coated peanuts. This product is made from peanuts grown in Yachigai, Chiba Prefecture by local farmers. (Hojicha is produced in Nishio, Aichi Prefecture)


JR-EAST Train Conductors

We interviewed our fellow train conductors Sakamoto-san, Shimoda-san, Shinoda-san, & Takizawa-san from the Tokyo Conductors' Depot Team to tell us more about themselves!

Which snack in the "White Day at Tokyo Station" March Omiyage Box is your favourite?

"Our first choice is the Rā-yu senbei! When you first open the bag, you can smell the delicious aroma. When you take a bite, the spiciness of the oil and the taste of garlic and green onion spreads in your mouth. Once you start eating, the taste is so addictive that you can't stop!! It goes well with beer or highball. We're sure you can't stop drooling after reading this far. Please try our favourite Rā-yu senbei."

What does a train conductor do?

"We operate the doors of the trains, provide information through in-train announcements, sell and check tickets on the trains, and perform other service tasks. Another important role is to provide security services in case of emergencies. We are always working to ensure that our customers can travel to their destinations safely and with peace of mind."

Rail Travel Area

"We travel from central Tokyo and Shinjuku to Kamakura, one of Japan's most scenic tourist spots with its historic temples and shrines, and to Atami and Izu, famous for its deep pink Kawazu cherry blossoms and hot spring resorts. We are also responsible for the Narita Express (NEX), which is essential for access between central Tokyo and Narita Airport, the gateway to the skies, and the Sunrise Seto and Izumo, Japan's only sleeper limited express trains."

meet our curator


"Due to COVID-19, we have minimised meeting other people, let alone travel, and the opportunities to give gifts to each other have decreased all over the world. This is also the case in Japan, where Valentine's Day and White Day are great opportunities for people to exchange small gifts. We hope you'll enjoy the food with your family and friends while thinking of Japan!"